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Danny Kachiah is a Native American fighting not to become a casualty. His father, Red Shirt, is dead, his wife, Loxie, has left him, and his career as a rodeo cowboy is flagging. But when Loxie dies in a car wreck, leaving him with his son, Jack, whom he hardly knows, Danny uses the magnificent stories of Red Shirt to guide him toward true fatherhood. Together, Danny and Jack begin to make a life from the dreams of yesterday and the ruins of today's northwestern reservations.


Craig Lesley is a lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest. He has received the the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Book Award for both "Winterkill"and for his third novel, "The Sky Fisherman." He is also the author of "River Song "and "Storm Riders." He lives in Portland, Oregon with his wife and two daughters.


"Unforgettable . . . prose as clear as the morning air."--"The Boston Globe "
"What strikes me first about Craig Lesley's book is the astonishing compassion he extends to the characters that people this moving novel . . . An impressive debut."--Raymond Carver
"Profoundly lyrical . . . Lesley has a rare gift for evoking a timeless quality in a setting littered with modern icons . . . The honky-tonk glitter of the rodeo gives way to the mystical, sometimes brutal beauty of the wilderness."--"The Cleveland Plain Dealer"
"Danny Kachiah remains a figure of complexity, struggling toward salvation . . . an everyman who could stand in for any one of us."--"The Los Angeles Times"
"A beautiful picture of family love and loyalty in a society from which we've had few such pictures."--Reynolds Price
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