Academic Freedom

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Mai 1993



The years since 1981 have been one of the three of four lowest points in the relationship between the Universities and the State in 800 years of English history. Conrad Russell looks at the dispute which has implications for academic freedom.


"In his passionate polemic . . . Conrad Russell points out . . . how academic freedom, consisting as it must in the ability to decide what and how to teach as well as what to study and say, is being eroded; how the principles of academic freedom and public accountability have come into conflict."
-"The Times Higher Education Supplement
." . . a brilliant book, sparkling, hard, rock-like . . . I greatly enjoyed it."
-Mary Warnock
." . . the book is timely and relevant . . [Russell's] eloquent and engaging style makes it clear why academic freedon is worth great effort to preserve."
-"The Journal of Educational Thought
"This book is an extraordinarily lucid account of what academic freedom means and of its importance for the academic world . . . It could not be more topical."
-Lord Grimond
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