Restoring our World Soul

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What to do to set our world right again? The author posits that it's less about getting it "right" and more about standing back long enough, to "see" together what at the core of our global noise is agitating and demanding our attention. Getting at the root of these disturbances, we can move past the posturing and the grabs for power, and get serious about preserving the inalienable "Rights of Life" (that is, liberty, meaning, dignity, and realization of potential) that all world peoples possess. We can create conditions within which the ideals of equality, justice, and peace can progressively be made real in our world.

Creating such conditions is possible, in proportion to our will to re-position, to get out front, and to implant the less divisive "sensibilities of soul" into the heart of our global politic, and into the very soil of our nations. Approaching our historical dilemmas through the lens of these sensibilities (identified in the book), and convening our United Nations around their demands, our recycling and projections of fear can be calmed.

There is indeed a way to get beyond the politics of "right" and to turn the tide on problems that remain stubbornly resistant to clinical, religious, and military intervention.

100% of proceeds go to Tashinga Women Trust, an apolitical, independent, economic initiative for women in Zimbabwe.


Dr. Colleen Mac Dougall is a mature, global psychologist who uses her psycho-theological knowledge and skill, and her keen observation of world events, to draw out the meta patterns that exist in our global disturbances. She speaks to how we can use our collective will to help move us toward a worldview that holds the inalienable Rights of Life as the cause worth revolutionizing around. To be an emissary of Life is her work. Retired from active practice, she has intentionally created space in her life to bring this work into its more global context. Preparing a new generation of leaders, and mentoring those ready to lead their cultures and institutions through the noise and toward a more expansive vision, is her professional legacy. She works under the umbrella of her company, Leadership for Life Institute. She continues to search out global partners to align her efforts with, where there is both resonance and where divergent knowledge and perspective helps create conditions wherein the ideals of equality, justice, and peace can be made real.
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