The Social Dimension: European Developments in Social Psychology

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The two volumes of The Social Dimension present a comprehensive survey of the major developments in social psychology which took place in Europe during the very active 1970s and 1980s. They aim to capture the diversity and vitality of the discipline, stress the growing emphasis on fully social analyses of social psychological phenomena - hence 'the social dimension' - and to provide a valuable resource for researchers in the future. Although comprehensive in scope, the volumes are not written in the formal style of a reference handbook. Instead, the authors of the thirty-three chapters, drawn from more than a dozen mainly European countries and all experts in their own fields, were invited to present their own personal overviews of the issues in social psychology on which they were actively working. Both volumes are organized into three main Parts. Volume 1 is concerned with the social development of the child, interpersonal communication and relationships, and the social reality, group processes, and intergroup relations. This ambitious enterprise has produced a distinctive yet authoritative summary and evaluation of the growth points of social psychology in Europe which will interest and influence not only social psychologists but many readers from related disciplines.


1. The social dimension in European social psychology Henri Tajfel, Joseph M. F. Jaspars and Colin Fraser; Part I. Social Development: 2. Early social interaction and the development of emotional understanding Judy Dunn; 3. The development of communicative competence with language in young children: a social psychological perspective W. P. Robinson; 4. Learning: a social actualization and reconstruction of knowledge Anne-Nelly Perret-Clermont, Jean Brun, El Hadi Saada and Maria-Luisa Schubauer-Leoni; 5. The development of thinking about socio-economic systems Gustav Jahoda; 6. The development of ethnic attitudes David Milner; 7. Imperfect identities: a socio-psychological perspective for the study of the problems of adolescence Augusto Palmonari, Felice Carugati, Pio Enrico Ricci Bitti and Guido Sarchielli; Part II. Interpersonal Behaviour and Communication: 8. Communication in the family and psychopathology: a social-developmental approach to deviant behaviour Rolv Mikkel Blakar; 9. The nonverbal dimension: a fad, a field, or a behavioural modality? Klaus R. Scherer; 10. Aggression as an interpersonal phenomenon Jacques-Philippe Leyens and Adam Fraczek; 11. Justice and fairness in interpersonal relations: thoughts and suggestions Gerold Mikula; 12. Towards a comprehension of friendship development and breakdown Steve Duck and Dorothy Miell; 13. When love dies: an integration of attraction and bereavement research Wolfgang Stroebe and Margaret S. Stroebe; Part III. Social Contexts of Individual Actions: 14. The social dimension of goal-directed action Mario von Cranach and Ladislav Valach; 15. Social rules and social rituals Rom Harre; 16. Social differentiation and non-differentiation Jean-Paul Codol; 17. Social differentiation in the scientific community Gerard Lemaine; Subject index; Author index.
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