The Do's and Don'ts of the Vegetarian Diet

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August 2013



"The Do's And Don'ts Of The Vegetarian Diet" is a great book for any person that has an interest in finding out as much as they can about the vegetarian diet with a mindset to switch to the diet or simply just to learn a bit more than the basics about it. A lot of people often struggle with the thought of eliminating the consumption of animal products from the diet as they are not fully aware of the various types of vegetarians that exist or even that they can make a gradual transition to vegetarian diet by eliminating the meats one at a time. Making the transition to a vegetarian diet is made easy in this straightforward book by Mindy Cohen.


Mindy Cohen didn't always believe that the vegetarian lifestyle was one she wanted to adopt. She came from your average meat eating American family and use to find it strange that some persons simply cut out meat completely from their diet. What about the proteins needed for the body to function properly? Could these really be replaced by nutrition's found in plant? When she started to do her own research, she realised that having a plant based diet, involved a lot of things. Whilst vegans were strict vegetarians, mainstream vegetarianism could involve sometime eating fish! From her research and experience she wanted to make others aware of the various types of vegetarians that there are and also provides some great diet recipes for the readers to try. Find out is vegetarianism is something for you with Author Mindy Cohen.
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