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The aim of this book is to introduce candlestick analysis to anyone from an absolute beginner to an experienced market professional. The text is written to be simple enough for someone new to the topic, but should not exclude those with more experience. The author's aim is to change the simple viewing of a candlestick chart into a search for the answer to the perennial question: "Who's controlling the market; the Bulls or the Bears?" Candlesticks are a fantastic way of getting a clear idea of market direction, and any changes that may be taking place in price trends. In this exciting new book, Clive Lambert walks you through what candlesticks are, the major patterns and importantly, the psychology behind them, using straightforward language that will appeal to all levels of ability. Having outlined the key patterns and described the real-life application of the techniques, he then ends the book with his 10 golden rules for trading with candlesticks. This book is a no-nonsense guide to the methodology and practical usage of this ancient Japanese charting technique and essential reading for any trader, broker or market operative, regardless of their level of experience or the markets they are involved in.


Preface Foreword by Adam Sorab, Chairman, Society of Technical Analysts (STA) and Director, International Federation of Technical Analysis Societies (IFTA) Introduction 1. What Are Candlesticks? - A potted history - Construction of candlestick charts - The psychology of charts and trading - Chapter summary 2. What Candles Tell Us About The State Of Mind Of The Market - Marabuzo v Doji candles - Chapter summary 3. Single Reversal Patterns - An in depth look at the Hammer to see why this is a reversal signal, and such a strong one! - More single candle patterns - Shooting Star, Hanging Man, Inverted Hammer - Different types of Doji - Gravestones, Dragonflies, and the Rickshaw Man - The importance of volume for confirming candlesticks and why candlesticks work whatever the market, whatever the time frame - Chapter summary 4. Multiple Reversal Patterns - Engulfing patterns - Bearish Engulfing Pattern - Bullish Engulfing Pattern - Dark Cloud Cover - Piercing Pattern - Bullish Harami - Bearish Harami - Bearish Star - Bullish Star - Evening Star - Morning Star - Marabuzo lines summary 5. Continuation Patterns - Rising/falling three method and gaps - Chapter summary 6. The Real World - Practical Application - Different time frames - Using candlesticks in conjunction with support and resistance - Combining candles with momentum studies - Chapter summary 7. Summing Up 8. Ten Golden Rules When Trading Using Candlesticks Index


Clive Lambert has been writing daily technical analysis for futures traders since 2000 as director of FuturesTechs. Previous to that he spent 12 years as a floor broker in the Stock Exchange and Futures markets. As a technical analyst he originally focused on financial futures, but thanks to the flexibility of candlestick charts has successfully translated his analysis into equities and commodities as well. He regularly speaks at seminars, and conducts training courses on technical analysis for several organisations, such as CME Group and 7 City Learning. He is an active board member of the UK Society of Technical Analysts. He has had articles published in various technical analysis publications, is regularly quoted on Dow Jones Newswires and Reuters, and appears on CNBC.
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