Reconstructing the Lifelong Learner: Pedagogy and Identity in Individual, Organisational, and Social Change

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Oktober 2003



This accessible book theorizes education as a vehicle for self change and explores how such theorizing impacts on the practices of educators. The book takes a case-study approach in order to bring theories to practice and to demonstrate the unconscious learning processes of self-monitoring, self-evaluation, self-appraisal and critical reflection.


1. Education as a site for self-work 2. Theorising identity 3. Understanding identity as narrative 4. Pedagogies for personal change in self-help literature: Helping oneself 5. Writing portfolios in work-based learning programs: Textually producing oneself 6. Pedagogy as a tool for corporate culture: Working for oneself 7. Games as a pedagogy in HIV/AIDS education: Protecting oneself 8. Social movements and programs of gender change: Interrupting oneself 9. Educational programs for sex offenders: Correcting oneself 10. Pedagogy, identity, reflexivity


"There is no doubt that change factors all around us merit the sorts of pedagogical explorations that this book presents."
-Norman Evans, Goldsmiths College, University of London
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