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April 1992



Clive Barker is the best-selling author of eighteen books, including Weaveworld, Imajica and The Great and Secret Show. He is also an acclaimed artist, director and film producer-numbering among his many recent accomplishments the Academy Award-winning film Gods and Monsters. For six years Mr. Barker has been working on a vast array of paintings which inspired The Books of Abarat.


'Moves with tidal force and power' - William S Burroughs 'The tears of blood and nightmare imagery are passionate and ingenious! Imajica is a ride with remarkable views' - Times Literary Supplement 'Barker's fecundity of invention is beyond praise. In a world of hard-bitten horror and originality, Clive Barker dislocates your mind' - Mail on Sunday 'A powerful and fascinating writer with a brilliant imagination! Clive Barker is an outstanding storyteller' - J G Ballard
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