Understanding Dogs

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April 1999



Explores the day-to-day experiences of living and working with domestic dogs. This title examines how everyday dog owners come to know their animal companions as thinking, emotional, and responsive individuals. It views human and animal efforts to understand, manipulate, care for, and interact with each other.


Preface; Acknowledgments 1. Introduction: The Relationship between People and Pets; 2. The Everyday Dog Owner: Knowing and Living with Dogs; 3. The Guide-Dog Owner: Dependence and Love; 4. The Veterinarian: Caring for Canine Patients; 5. The Guide-Dog Trainer: Understanding and Teaching Dogs; 6. Animal Abilities and Human-Animal Interaction Notes; References; Index


"Understanding Dogs is a must-read. Dr. Sanders weaves personal experience with 'hard science' in this invaluable book about just how important dogs are to humans. Dogs emerge as thoughtful companions with very active minds. Truly our best friends, we are fortunate that dogs (and other animals) are willing to share their lives with us, and that Dr. Sanders has taken the time to share his broad experiences with us." Marc Bekoff, University of Colorado, Boulder "An important and lucid contribution. In looking at the human/canine bond Sanders makes a compelling case for canine intelligence and empathic abilities. At the same time, we gain a rich sociological insight into the importance of dogs and, by extension, other animals, in the lives of their human companions." Janet M. Alger, Siena College "...contains a wealth of sociological information about dog ownership and may be helpful in rounding out a dog or pet collection." Booklist "...insightful and delightful. Highly recommended for academic and public libraries." Library Journal
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