Boundary Waters Canoe Camping

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Longtime guide and canoe authority Cliff Jacobson explains the best and safest ways of planning and enjoying a BWCA journey.


CONTENTSAcknowledgmentsWhat's New About This Edition?A Note to the ReaderPreface, by Kevin Proescholdt
Chapter 1: A Wilderness in Turmoil, by David Backes
Chapter 2: Planning and Pacing Your Canoe TripFirst, Pick Your Travel AreaMapsIf You Plan To Use a GPSDon't Turn Your Vacation into a Marathon!Rules for Interpreting Contour LinesPlanning the RouteScenario Thought List Permits
Chapter 3: A Maze of Finger Lakes, Portage Trails, and Confusing Bays!MapsOrienteering Compass No Need to Worry about Magnetic Declination!Using Map and Compass TogetherTest Your Map and Compass SkillsAiming OffTips for Navigating Small Streams and Moose TrailsUsing a Map With Your GPS/UTM Coordinates
Chapter 4: Favorite Routes-Where Solitude Still RemainsHam Lake to Long Island Lake and Points EastFrost RiverGranite River through Guide's Portage
Chapter 5: Federal Regulations and RationalQuotasSome Obscure RegulationsNo Cans or Bottles Are Allowed in the BWCA!Camouflage Your CampCamp Only at U.S. Forest Service Designated SitesWhen Nature Calls and There Is No Forest Service Box LatrineCampfires Are Allowed Only Within the Steel Fire Grates at Developed CampsitesSanitation and Waste Disposal
Chapter 6: Selecting and Outfitting Your CanoeA Boundary Waters Canoe Can Never Be Too Light!A Fast Canoe Is a Welcome LuxuryCanoe Building MaterialsCanoe TipsOutfitting the Canoe
Chapter 7: Paddling and Portaging Your CanoePaddling Your CanoeBig Water TacticsPortaging Your Canoe
Chapter 8: The Right Stuff-Everything You Need To Know About EquipmentPacksTentCooking TarpStoveEdged ToolsClothingRain GearHatsFootwearSleeping GearKids' StuffPacking Your PacksPacking the Canoe
Chapter 9: Solo Canoes and Kayaks in the Boundary WatersWhy Solo Canoes?Things To Consider When Choosing A Solo CanoeCustomizing Your Solo CanoePaddle StrokesSolo Canoes And CampingPacks And PackingPortaging The LoadCanoeing With FriendsWhy Not Paddle A Kayak?
Chapter 10: Fast Fixin's-Easy Ways to Prepare Great Trail MealsHardwareSpicesPacking the KitchenContainers for Powders and LiquidsEasy BreakfastsLaunching LunchOn into SupperMeal Management TricksTasty Cooking Tricks
Chapter 11: A Bomb-Proof Canoe Camp!Tents and TarpsCampfires
Chapter 12: Bothersome Beasts and Ornery Stingers!Bothersome BeastsOrnery Stingers
Chapter 13: Dangers, Safety, and First AidSwimming Don'ts!LightningWidow-MakersWhen Your Canoe Becomes a Kite!Safety with Edged ToolsWater QualityMedicine for the Boundary WatersFirst Aid for Common AilmentsSignals: When You Need To Bring the Airplane Down!
Chapter 14: A Magic Day in the BWCA
Chapter 15: Advice from the ExpertsRob KesselringBob O'HaraBert HeepDr. Nick and Stephanie Boismenue Zoe KesselringSue HaringsAdvice from an Outfitter-Nancy Piragis
Appendix A: Equipment Checklist
Appendix B: Resources BWCA Information and Permits Quetico Information and Permits Customs Minnesota Licenses Organizations Maps Miscellaneous Equipment and Supplies Packsacks, Map Cases, and Other Canoeing Luggage BWCA and Quetico Canoeing Guide Books
Appendix C: Seven-Day Menu
Appendix D: The Wilderness MealIndexAbout the Author


Cliff Jacobson is one of North America's most respected outdoor writers and wilderness canoe guides. He is the author of more than a dozen top-selling books on camping and canoeing. In 2003, The American Canoe Association presented Cliff with the Legends of Paddling Award and inducted him into the ACA Hall of Fame.
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