The Harold Letters, 1928-1943

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Clement Greenberg (1904-1994) was a lifelong New Yorker. His works includ e Art and Culture and the four-volume Collected Essays and Criticism, 1939-1969.


Clement Greenberg was born in the Bronx in 1909. His books include the groundbreaking Art & Culture, The Collected Essays and Criticism, 1939-1969, and monographs on Miro, Matisse, and Hans Hofmann. Home-made Esthetics, a collection of late essays, was published posthumously in 1999. He died in 1994, at the age of eighty-five. Clement Greenberg married Janice Van Horne, his second wife, in 1956. She is Greenberg's literary executor and the editor of Homemade Esthetics.


"The Harold Letters distinguishes itself from other, more fallacious personal histories; his honesty unabashedly reveals the kind of unspeakable, grandiose desires that we all have for ourselves." -Jillian Dunham, The New York Times Book Review "A portrait of the critic as a bright and angry young man." -Publishers Weekly "The book works in large part because Greenberg is so chatty and what he writes about is often quite interesting, whether it's the books he reads or the art he views and music he hears, or his relationship (often acerbic) with the circle of intellectuals who write for Partisan Review, of which he became an editor in late 1939... The views and opinions that made Greenberg famous as an art critic - his unyielding insistence, for example, that the critic's duty is to identify and praise great art and condemn and dismiss bad art - appear only in shadowy form in even the latest letters in the collection and can be spotted only if the reader already knows what to look for. What is present [throughout], however, is Greenberg's steadily growing awareness that he had to develop a worldview from which to look at things if he were going to have any critical acumen at all. '[1] need... to put the firmness of earth under my feet; so that I will be able to stand off and slap the world from a Position,' he writes in 1931.... 'I now want to look and act and say and write what I am forever and ever,' Greenberg wrote in one of the last letters. More or less, that's just what he did." -Stephen Goode, The Washington Times"
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