The Certified Diver's Handbook: The Complete Guide to Your Own Underwater Adventures

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Declare your diving independenceNow that you've got your diver's certification, make the most of it! "The Certified Diver's Handbook" supplies all the advice and information you need to make diving an ongoing and rewarding part of your life. This definitive, real-world guide is packed with helpful facts and suggestions on everything from equipment, safety, and rescue procedures to techniques for shore diving, drift diving, night diving, and much more. You'll learn how to take responsibility for your dive planning and your safety underwater. You'll also find: Advice on renting or buying the best equipment at the best price Tips on using and maintaining masks, tanks, regulators, and exposure suits Techniques for underwater navigation in changing conditions Strategies for avoiding underwater injuries and illness The information you need to read wind, waves, currents, and weather Tips on great U.S. and international dive sites The fundamentals of underwater photography And much more With "The Certified Diver's Handbook," you can become an active, independent diver and make diving not just a special event, but a way of life. "From masks to valve regulators, from rip tides to thermoclines, from fireworms to sharks--Clay overlooks nothing! You've never been through such a comprehensive course."--Humberto Fontova, author, "The Helldivers' Rodeo: A Deadly, Extreme, Scuba-Diving, Spear Fishing Adventure Amid the Offshore Oil-Platforms in the Murky Waters of the Gulf of Mexico""Finally a book written by a diver who loves the sport and manages to get his message across in an entertaining way."--Chuck Nicklin, cofounder of The Dive Locker, Emmy-award winning underwater cinematographer"You won't find a more comprehensive, easy-to-read book about diving. This is a must-have for divers of all experience levels."--Bonnie J. Cardone, former editor of "Skin Diver" magazine, editor of "The Fireside Diver: An Anthology of Underwater Adventure"Clay Coleman,




Chapter 1: Switching Attitude Gears

Diving as a Lifestyle

Pursuing Your Own Interests

A Realistic Assessment of Risk

A Realistic Assessment of Cost

Chapter 2: Equipment

Masks, Fins, and Snorkels

Dive Knife


Buoyancy Compensators

Depth Gauges

Dive Computers

Exposure Suits


Weights and Weight Belts

Dive Bags

Chapter 3: Gear Maintenance



Submersible Pressure Gauge


Buoyancy Compensator


Chapter 4: Gadgets That Work, and Good Ideas

Hose and Gauge Retainers

Clip Systems

Dive Lights

Dive Slates

Plastic Ties

Clip-On Weights

Spare Air

Moldable Mouthpieces

Safety Sausages

Dry Boxes

Dry Bags

Medical Dive Insurance

Dive Equipment Insurance

Chapter 5: How to Buy Equipment

Buying New Gear

Buying Used Gear

Personalizing Your Gear

Chapter 6: Kindred Spirits and First Trips

Finding Dive Buddies

Where to Go

Chapter 7: An Introduction to Mother Ocean: Water Weight and Density

The Characteristics of Ocean Water

How Water Density Affects Light

How Water Density Affects Sound

Chapter 8: The Weather: Wind and Waves, Storms, Tides, and Currents

Wind and Waves



Chapter 9: The Marine Environment

Organization of the Ocean

The Four Life-Forms

Anatomy of a Coral Reef

Spooky and Potentially Hazardous Marine Animals

Chapter 10: Going Diving

Diving from Charter Boats

Diving from Privately Owned Boats

Diving from Shore

Drift Diving

Night Diving

Chapter 11: Staying Out of Trouble

Underwater Navigation

Buddy Problems

Chapter 12: When a Good Thing Goes Bad: Basic Rescue Procedures and Diver Problems

Rational-Patient Surface Assist

Passive-Patient and Panicky-Patient Surface Rescue

Unconscious-Patient Surface Rescue

Unconscious Patient on the Bottom

Decompression Sickness

Lung Overpressure Injuries

Some Problems of Breathing under Pressure



Chapter 13: Diving in the United States

Road Trip

The Gulf Coast

The East Coast

The Great Lakes

The West Coast

Inland USA: A Place Near You

Chapter 14: International Dive Travel

Getting There

Where to Go

Appendix: Underwater Photography




Clay Coleman (Baton Rouge, LA) has been scuba diving since 1973 and is a freelance undersea photojournalist for national magazines. His photos have appeared in Sport Diver, Scuba Diving, and Boating Life.
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