The Peaceful Way

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September 2001



Written especially for children, "The Peaceful Way" explains the respectful, nonviolent discipline fundamental to all martial arts and shows young readers what to expect when they study a martial art, from beginner to Black Belt. 40 illustrations.


Claudio Iedwab is a 6th dan Black Belt in Gorindo, a 5th dan in Taekwondo and Jujutsu, a 3rd dan in Karate-do, and a yoga instructor. He was the 1982 South American Taekwondo Champion, the 1985 National Chinese Martial Arts Champion in Argentina, and has 25 years experience teaching young people. Roxanne Standefer is a 3rd dan Black Belt in Gorindo as well as a photographer, wilderness guide, and martial arts instructor. Together they established Gorindo, "the Friendly Martial Art," which integrates the principles and techniques of Taekwondo, Karate-do, Savate, Jujutsu, and yoga. They are also the authors of "The Secret Art of Health & Fitness" and "Martial Arts Mind & Body." They live in the hills of Bancroft, Ontario.


"This is a great introduction to the world of martial arts for kids."--The Empty Vessel, Fall 2002
EAN: 9780892819294
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Untertitel: A Children's Guide to the Traditions of the Martial Arts. 40 b&w illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Inner Traditions Bear and Company
Erscheinungsdatum: September 2001
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