Journal of a Sex Change: Passage Through Trinidad

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Updated with a new foreword by Judith Halberstam, Griggs' book was originally published as "Passage through Trinidad "in 1996. "Journal of a Sex Change" provides an intimate look at the compelling journey from male to female. Griggs provides us with an inside perspective on one of the most private and complicated transformations possible. She recounts her sex change process in compelling detail, from the emotional decision to pursue the surgery, to the procedure itself, to the long and painful recovery process. How did Griggs' decision affect personal relationships, family life and work? What was it like in the first few months after the operation? What is it like for her now to experience the world as a transformed woman? Thoughtful and courageous, Griggs chronicles a journey that not only changed her physiology, but her life.


Preface * Decision * Arrival * Hospital * Pain * Routine * Visitors * Progress * Freedom * Anticipation * Release * West * Home * Aftermath


Claudine Griggs is a Visiting Lecturer at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and Rhode Island College (USA).


'Griggs is a startlingly accurate and self-aware diarist and her bold and truthful narrative forces the reader to turn her gaze away from the supposed oddity of the transsexual form and towards the uncertainty of all gendered embodiments.'Judith Halberstam, Author of Female Masculinity and Professor of Literature at UC San Diego'I often suggest Ms Griggs' compelling and readable work to my transgendered psychotherapy clients, both male to female and female to male. It speaks to many of the hidden trials in undergoing surgical sex reassignment, in both genders. Many clients have commented that this unique book has helped them to prepare psychologically for the ordeal ... It is a rare blend of education and passion, which holds the reader's interest.'Max E. Fuhrmann, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist'For general readers who want to understand what is involved, both physically and psychologically, in changing one's sex and readers who might themselves be contemplating such a chan
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