Number Sense and Nonsense: Building Math Creativity and Confidence Through Number Play

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These 80-plus math activities and number games help kids to think critically about math instead of just memorizing rules. The emphasis is on the underlying relationships between numbers and the process of manipulating them. Kids get together and play games with odd and even numbers, prime and composite numbers, factors, divisors, and multiples of numbers, common and decimal fractions. Children learn the history of numbers--finger counting, number symbols in various cultures, and different ways of calculating. The book is full of riddles, puzzles, number tricks, and calculator games. Kids develop skills in estimation and computation as they become familiar with the characteristics and behavior of numbers. They will gain math confidence and be ready to take chances, find their own errors, and challenge their peers.


Claudia Zaslavsky is the author of "Math Games and Activities from Around the World" and "The Multicultural Math Classroom." She lives in New York City.


"Zaslavsky offers an innovative approach to teaching the properties and relationships of numbers and their relevance in the everyday world." --School Library Journal "This book is fun and refreshing." -- Teaching Children Mathematics "Written in an easy style that both entertains and instructs." -- Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School
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