Climbing in the Moroccan Anti-Atlas

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Februar 2004



Climbing in the Anti-Atlas offers routes on crags on the south side of Jebel el Kest, 120km south-east of Agadir and close to the oasis town of Tafroute. Here the superb rock conditions on the pink quartzite rock of Jebel provide excellent rock climbing of up to 500 metres in height in all grades. This guide offers comprehensive coverage of approximately 25 crags, mostly unexplored by any climber.However, it is not a place for the novice. Many of the crags are complex, and route finding can be difficult. Descents occasionally involve abseils and down-climbing in exposed situations. Fortunately, the weather is rarely inclement and, even when it is, it is unlikely to involve electrical storms.


Some suggested routes The Routes on the Quartzite Crag A - Anergui Crag AX - Anergui Crag B - Igordan Crag C - Tamalont Crag D - Tagdicht Crag DX - Tagdicht Crag E - Yazult Crag F - Yazult Crag G - Assgaour Crag H - Assgaour Crag HX - Assgaour Crag J - Assgaour Crag K - Assgaour Crag L - Assgaour Crag LX - Assgaour Crag M - Assgaour Crag N - Oumsnat Crag O - Oumsnat Crag P - Oumsnat Crag Q - Oumsnat Crag R - Tizgut Crag RX - Aguchtim Crag S - Tizgut Crag T - Tizgut Crag Y - Tighalt Crag U - Tighalt Crag V - Tighalt Crag W - Tifghlte Climbing on the North Side Crag NA - Sidi M Zal Crag NB - Sidi M Zal Crag NC - Sidi M Zal Crag ND - Sidi M Zal Crag NE - Aseldrar


Claude Davies has spent most of his life climbing, mainly near his home in Derbyshire. He is a member of the Alpine Club and a former vice-president of the Climbers Club, he also retains membership of the Cromlech Club. On his retirement as a civil engineering consultant, he was able to continue with his passion for climbing, as well as pursue other interests such as salmon fishing and golf.
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