From Stone to Star: A View of Modern Geology

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From the fossil collecting methods of 18th-century geologists to the development of high resolution mass spectronomy, this text provides an introduction to the history, methods, theories and discoveries of modern geology.


1. The Genesis Taboo 2. Voyage to the Center of the Earth 3. The Geologic Calendar 4. Stones Falling from the Sky 5. The Planetological Adventure 6. From Newton to Mendeleyev 7. The Cosmic Palimpsest 8. Societies of Atoms 9. Planet Earth 10. The Kingdom of Water Appendix: The Atomic Structure of Matter References Credits Index


Claude Allegre is Professor of Earth Sciences, Universite; de Paris, and a 1986 recipient of the Crafoord Prize awarded by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.


Highly readable and deeply informative...An excellent introduction to the exciting geohistorical discoveries made in recent will serve alike the needs of the geologist and the general reader. -- Gordon L. Herries Davies Nature Allegre takes the reader on a fascinating voyage of discovery through the simple layered sedimentary strata of the top few kilometers of the Earth to the depths of its core and then out to the farthest limits of space...A book like this, which aims to place the Earth (and the Earth sciences) in a cosmological context, has been long overdue; From Stone to Star deserves a wide readership. -- Martin Whitehouse Times Higher Education Supplement In twenty-two years of reading Earth science books, I have encountered many superlatives of writing. A few names that pop to mind are John McPhee, Isaac Asimov, and Stephen Gould. To these established authors I would like to add Claude Allegre--literate, lucid, fun to read, exciting, and a great scientist...From Stone to Star is an intelligent, informative, wonderful book. -- William C. Philips Science Teacher
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