Return of Guatemala's Refugees

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On February 13, 1982, the Guatemalan army stormed into the remote northern Guatemala village of Santa Maria Tzeja. This book describes the experiences of the survivors - both those who stayed behind in conditions of savage repression and those who fled to Mexico where they learned to organize and defend their rights.


Preface Introduction 1. Torn by Terror 2. Reweaving the Pieces: Culture of Fear/Culture of Learning 3. The Contextual Loom: The Peace Accords, Civil Society, and the Powerful 4. Clash of Patterns: From Mexico and Guatemala A Pictorial 5. Resources for Reweaving: The Perils of Development 6. Human Rights: The Color of Life 7. The Gray of Frozen Grief: Resolving the Trauma of Memory 8. Tearing Still? The Army in Peacetime 9. Weaving the Future: What Needs to Be Done and How To Get Involved Appendixes A. U.S. Groups Providing Resources on Guatemala and Support for the Peace Process B. Chronology of Guatemalan History C. Chronology of the Guatemalan Peace Process Acronyms Notes Bibliography Index


"A very readable account of a hopeful development in a land where the main story seemed to be the slaughter of innocent civilians. Taylor's work advances what we know and is relevant not only to Guatemala but to the struggle for peace, democracy, human rights, development, and basic decency." --Phillip Berryman, author of Stubborn Hope "Using the Ixcan village of Santa Maria Tzeja as his case study, Clark Taylor makes understandable the complex process of the Guatemalan refugee return, the factors inhibiting or encouraging reintegration, and the changes wrought in the community and the region by the returnees. This is a clear, readable and interesting contribution to the (thus far) meager Literature on the refugee return situation. Taylor concludes with a strong call to action and gives resources for further education and work." --Marilyn M. Moors, National Coordinator, Guatemala Scholars Network
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