Arthurian Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography

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April 1999



Cindy Mediavilla annotates over 200 Arthurian novels, specifically focusing upon literature appropriate for young adults. Each entry is assigned an appropriate reading level and contains a detailed description of the book's plot. An index of titles, authors, characters, and specific themes is appended. The intended audience is young adult readers, grades six through high school, and the youth services professionals who serve them.


Cindy Mediavilla is a doctoral candidate in Library and Information Science at the University of California, Los Angeles.


This is a good resource for teachers, librarians, and young adults interested in Arthurian fiction. American Reference Books Annual Just the thing for the Camelot-prone reader who enjoys the many facets of this 'old story.' Martha's Kidlit Newsletter For schools using Arthurian fiction in the curriculum, or for students very interested in the subject, this book would be indispensable. Book Report the first appendix lists the titles by reading level and gives main entry numeric references. This book is considered as "recommended core list". Kliatt I would also suggest that teachers of American literature, of British literature, and social sciences should own their personal copies it is considered as "recommended core list." Kliatt Her spirited engagement with her subject and her wide-ranging selections...make this particularly valuable...a selection of useful short-story collections... The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books A good tool for book selesction, and a must for devotees of Arthur. Lar This is an excellent reference...inspired by the author's infectious and knowledgeable devotion to Arthurian themes in literature. If all the novels listed are as well written as her annotations, i predict a surge of new readers addicted to the timeless and intriguing theme of these legends. Orana ...anyone interested in science-fiction would find her compilation a useful overview of what is available in the field...this book represents an extremely valuable resource for anyone with an interest in, or love of, retellings of the Matter of Britain in fiction. Fantasy Commentator Mediavilla has produced a bibliography that will be useful to its target audience; public and school libraries in particular will find it a valuable resource. The Journal of the Fantastic in the Arts
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