Special Edition Using Enterprise JavaBeans 2.0

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September 2001



"Special Edition Using EJB 2.0" starts with a description of how EJB fits into the big picture of J2EE development, then covers such topics as locating EJB's using JNDI, managing data with EJB query language, building JMS applications using the new message-driven Bean, and planning EJB applications using design patterns.


I. OVERVIEW. 1. Introduction. 2. EJB Concepts. 3.JNDI (Java Naming & Directory Interface). 4. Example Auction Site. II. DEVELOPING EJBs. 5. Entity Beans. 6. EJB Query Language. 7. Session Beans. 8. JMS (Java Messaging Service). 9. Message-Driven Beans. III. EJB DESIGN. 10. The EJB Container. 11. Transactions. 12. Exception Handling. 13. Deployment. 14. Design Patterns. 15. Performance. 16. Security Management. IV. ADVANCED EJB. 17. EJB Interoperability. 18. Horizontal Services. 19. Clustering Concepts. V. APPENDICES. A. The EJB 2.0 API. B. Changes from EJB 1.1. C. Installing WebLogic.


Chuck Cavaness is a Senior Java Architect for NetVendor, a B2B supplier enablement Internet company. He specializes in full J2EE architecture design and construction for B2C and B2B Internet solutions. His experiences include development of several CORBA and EJB Internet solutions, including products for the banking, travel, and healthcare industries. Brian Keeton is a Software Engineer at NetVendor Inc. where he has developed server-side Java components to support B2B trading using EJB. He is a Sun Certified Developer for the Java Platform, and has taught courses in Java and CORBA technologies. Chuck and Brian co-wrote Special Edition Using Java 2 Standard Edition (pub 12/2000).
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