The Triangle of Representation

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September 2000



Moving deftly among literary and visual arts, as well as the modern critical canon, Christopher Prendergast's book explores the meaning and value of representation as both a philosophical challenge (What does it mean to create an image that "stands for" something absent?) and a political issue (Who has the right to represent whom?).
The Triangle of Representation raises a range of theoretical, historical, and aesthetic questions, and offers subtle readings of such cultural critics as Raymond Williams, Paul de Man, Edward Said, Walter Benjamin, and Hélène Cixous, in addition to penetrating investigations of visual artists like Gros, Ingres, and Matisse and significant insights into Proust and the onus of translating him. Above all, Prendergast's work is a striking display of how a firm grounding in theory is essential for the exploration of art and literature.


PrefaceAcknowledgments1. The Triangle of Representation2. Blurred Identities: Representing Modern Life3. Foundations and Beginnings: Raymond Williams and the Grounds of Cultural Theory4. Circulating Representations: New Historicism and the Poetics of Culture5. Representing (Forgetting) the Past: Paul de Man, Fascism and Deconstruction6. Representing Other Cultures: Edward Said7. Representation or Embodiment? Walter Benjamin and the Politics of Correspondances8. God's Secret: Reflections on Realism9. Visuality and Narrative: The Moment of History Painting10. Literature, Painting, Metaphor: Matisse/Proust11. English ProustNotesIndex


Christopher Prendergast


"Christopher Pendergast has produced an excellent set of studies collected in the work at hand... the volume is to be recommended for its detailed, nuanced, historical analyses of the concept of representation." -- Lawrence Schehr, SubStance
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