Getting Our Way

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September 2010



A highly informed insider's account of some of the 'honest men' as they sought, by fair means or foul, to get Britain its way in the world.


Sir Christopher Meyer served in Moscow, Madrid, Bonn, Brussels, the Foreign Office and in Number 10, before becoming Britain's Ambassador to the United States from 1997 to 2003. Knighted in 2001, he was the chairman of the Press Complaints Commission until April 2009.


He writes well and his tone is engagingly admirable diplomatic primer. -- Piers Brendon SUNDAY TIMES This enjoyable book, by Briatin's former ambassador to Washington, consists of nine finely drawn studies of key diplomatic moments in British history. OBSERVER The former British ambassador to the US weaves an interesting tale of power, deception, betrayal, espionage, intrigue and cunning...a must-read book for any astute observer of modern diplomacy. CATHOLIC HERALD
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Untertitel: 500 Years of Adventure and Intrigue: The Inside Story of British Diplomacy. col. Illustrations. Sprache: Englisch.
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