Future of Criminal Justice, The - Resettlement, Chaplaincy and Community

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November 2002



This collection of wide-ranging and powerful essays brings together policy makers at the highest level, campaigners for prison reform, chaplains and those working in prison charities. The contributors include the Lord Chief Justice, Sir David Ramsbotham, Baroness Helena Kennedy and many others. The question 'What is prison for?' lies at the heart of The Future of Criminal Justice. Should it be for punishing or rehabilitating the offender? Should it provde restoration and closure for both offender and victim? As well as answering these questions, the contributors explore how religious faith can make a difference to people's lives, whether in the prison ministry of chaplains, in the reconciliation between an offender and the victim, or in the vision for a fairer and better criminal justice system. With prisons and crime currently a focus of politics, The Future of Criminal Justice is a timely and invaluable contribution to the criminal justice debate.


Peter Sedgwick is Assistant Secretary at the Board for Social Responsibility, working as the main policy officer for the Bishop of Lincoln and the Home Affairs Committee in criminal justice. Christopher Jones is the chaplain of St Peter's College, Oxford and sits on the Prison Chaplain Advisory Group.
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