Dissecting Pinocchio: How to Detect Deception in Business, Life, and Love

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Februar 2008



The average person tells three to five lies per day, so who is lying to you? "Dissecting Pinocchio" will teach you how to spot lies through the analysis of Pinocchio's body language, speech, papillary dilation, proxemics, and much more. This is the first book to "dissect" Pinocchio's behavior body part by body part; in essence, giving you a map of how a liar speaks, acts, and moves differently than truthful people. "Dissecting Pinocchio" will not only give you the skills you need to recognize when someone is lying to you, but it will also teach you how to get Pinocchio to admit he is lying! Learn what scientists have discovered about the body language and speech characteristics of liars, why people lie, and how to tell friends from enemies in the workplace, life, and love.

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