The New Lives of Teachers

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Drawing upon a variety of academic disciplines this book explores some of the different means of understanding teaching and learning, both in and across contexts, the issues they raise and their implications for pedagogy and research.


@contents: Introduction
Part 1: The Contexts of Teaching 1. The New Teaching Environments 2/ The Person in the Professional: Learning, Identity and Emotional Wellbeing
Part 2: The Professional Lives of Teachers 3. Critical Influences 4. Schools Matter: Portraits of Beginning Teachers 5. Managing Tensions and Transitions in the Middle Years of Teaching: Teachers at the Crossroads 6. Veteran Teachers: Sustaining Commitment, Exercising Resilience
Part 3: Conditions for Success 7. Teacher Commitment: A Necessary Condition for Success? 8. Leadership Effects 9. Resilience Counts 10. Teachers Who Make A Difference: New Lives, Old Truths


Chris Day is Professor of Education at the University of Nottingham, UK. Qing Gu is an Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham, UK.


'A compelling read that makes you appreciate teachers, but equally will spur teachers on to increase the impact they have on their colleagues and on the children they serve. Interesting to read, deeply meaningful-Day and and Gu have written a book for all educators, young and old.' -- Professor Michael Fullan, University of Toronto, Canada 'This is one of the best books ever written about the working lives of teachers. It draws not only on the science in the field but also on the real life experiences of the teachers themselves--on their joys of teaching, on the stresses and strains of their job and the impact on theses on their working and personal lives. This is a must read for all interested in education.' -- Professor Cary L. Cooper, Lancaster University, UK 'This book is a wakeup call for governments and how they support the teaching profession. Day and Gu provide us with compelling evidence of how the changing social, economic and political conditions are having a significant impact on teachers' lives.' -- Judyth Sachs, Macquarrie University, Australia 'New Lives of Teachers foregrounds an old truth much neglected by contemporary educational reformers: Teachers' passion and commitment are foundational to high quality teaching. Day and Gu persuasively show how and why the emotional and professional contexts critically affect teachers' capacity and willingness to teach their best.' -- Milbrey McLaughlin, Stanford University, US
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