Fourier Integrals in Classical Analysis

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An advanced monograph concerned with modern treatments of central problems in harmonic analysis.


Background; 1. Stationary phase; 2. Non-homogeneous oscillatory integral operators; 3. Pseudo-differential operators; 4. The half-wave operator and functions of pseudo-differential operators; 5. Lp estimates of eigenfunctions; 6. Fourier integral operators; 7. Local smoothing of Fourier integral operators; Appendix. Lagrangian subspaces of T*IRn.


"The writing is agile and somewhat colloquial, giving a refreshing informal tone to the presentation of quite arduous topics. The goals of the collection in which this book has been published state that '[works] have to be rigorous, definite, and of lasting value to mathematicians working in the relevant disciplines'. I believe that the book under consideration generously fulfills these goals." Josefina Alvarez, Mathematical Reviews "...provides an excellent introduction to oscillatory integral operators and a detailed treatment of some of the most recent developments...rewards the reader with a thorough account of some of the last decade's most important developments in Fourier analysis, many of them due to its author. It belongs on the bookshelf of anyone seriously interested in the subject." Allan Greenleaf, Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society
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