Africa and the International System

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September 1996



The author examines how awkward, how ambiguous, how unsatisfactory, and often how tragic the encounter has been between African and Western conceptions of statehood.


Acknowledgements; List of acronyms and abbreviations; Part I. African States and Global Politics: 1. Fragile states and the international system; 2. The creation of an African international order; 3. Domestic statehood and foreign policy; Part II. Patterns of Alliance: 4. The foreign policies of post-colonialism; 5. The politics of solidarity; 6. The resort to the superpowers; Part III. Struggling with Decay: 7. The international politics of economic failure; 8. The externalisation of political accountability; 9. The international politics of insurgency; 10. The privatisation of diplomacy; 11. Conclusion; Notes; Bibliography; Index.


"This important book proposes a major overhaul of the conventional framework for analyzing international relations in Africa." Gail M. Gerhart, Foreign Affairs "...Clapham's volume is solid, sweeping, and thoughtful. Strongly recommended for larger university libraries and other collections specializing in African or Third World studies, comparative politics, and international affairs." J.P. Smaldone, Choice
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