Star Apocrypha

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April 2001



Christopher Buckley's new collection is a brilliant expression of philosophy and feeling. Throughout Star Apocrypha, Buckley relentlessly questions the metaphysics of life in the heavens and on earth. These poems bear the beauty and weight of big questions and dazzling language. Yet there is also a real life woven into the fabric of the book, a deep melancholy over the loss of a father and the indifference of the cosmos to our inquiries. In Star Apocrypha, Buckley exposes both physical and inner landscapes with wit and high-pitched intelligence.


Christopher Buckley is the chair of the creative writing department at the University of California, Riverside. He has received two grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, most recently for 2001; a Fulbright Award to Yugoslavia; four Pushcart Prizes; and two Pennsylvania Council on the Arts grants and has twice received the Gertrude B. Claytor Memorial Award from the Poetry Society of America. Among his works are the poetry collections Fall from Grace, Camino Cielo, Dark Matter, and Blue Autumn.
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