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Christopher Buckley moves within the same poem from the most commonplace, ordinary, drab, inarticulate experiences of life and language to the most lyrical, beautiful, and sublime. Buckley's art changes mud and dirty shoes into sky. A master of his art, he has much to teach us about seeing, thinking, and feeling. As Gerald Stern has put it, Buckley's "subject is radiance. So he hates fascism and believes we are more than dust. So I read him."


CHRISTOPHER BUCKLEY's most recent book is And the Sea. With Gary Young Buckley, he is the editor of The Geography of Home: California's Poetry of Place, and Bear Flag Republic: Prose Poems & Poetics from California. He has received a Fulbright Award in Creative Writing to visit the former Yugoslavia, four Pushcart Prizes, two awards from the Poetry Society of America, and NEA grants in poetry for 2001 and 1984. He is currently a 2007-2008 Guggenheim Fellow in Poetry. He teaches in the creative writing Program at the University of California Riverside.
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