Dog Health & Nutrition for Dummies

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The most informative guide to canine health and nutrition -- to lengthen and enhance the lives of your dogs. You want the best for your dogs, and this book shows you how to optimize your canine companions' physical and mental health. "Dog Health & Nutrition For Dummies" provides tips on canine nutrition, diet, and special food-related health problems (obesity, diabetes, etc.). Experts give you advice on exercise, recognizing and treating common maladies, and caring for the older dog. Plus, this friendly guide covers canine first aid, drugs, and alternative therapies.


Introduction. PART
I: Basic Health Care.
Chapter 1: Canine Health 101.
Chapter 2: Preventing Problems before They Start.
Chapter 3: Working with Your Dog's Vet. PART
II: Food, Glorious Food!
Chapter 4: The Building Blocks of Good Nutrition.
Chapter 5: Feeding Your Hungry Hound.
Chapter 6: Supplementing Your Dog's Diet.
Chapter 7: Good Ol' Home Cookin'.
Chapter 8: Meeting Your Dog's Special Nutritional Needs. PART
III: Recognizing and Treating Common Maladies.
Chapter 9: Innerspace: How Your Dog's Body Works.
Chapter 10: Tackling Common Ailments.
Chapter 11: Fighting Off the Bugs That Want Your Dog.
Chapter 12: Canine First Aid.
Chapter 13: Drug Therapy for Dogs.
Chapter 14: Complementary and Alternative Therapies. PART
IV: Health for the Body and Soul.
Chapter 15: Stocking Up on the Supplies You and Your Dog Need.
Chapter 16: Getting the Lead Out: Exercising Your Dog.
Chapter 17: We Want You!: Enrolling Your Dog in Basic Training. PART
V: Caring for the Canine Senior.
Chapter 18: Helping Your Dog Age Gracefully.
Chapter 19: Coping with Cancer.
Chapter 20: Making the Difficult Decision to End Your Dog's Life. PART
VI: The Part of Tens.
Chapter 21: Ten Great Dog Health and Nutrition Web Resources.
Chapter 22: Ten Signs of Illness to Watch For.
Chapter 23: Ten Ways to Keep Your Dog Healthy.
Chapter 24: Ten Household Hazards. Appendix: Resources. Index. Book Registration Information.


M. Christine Zink, DVM, PhD, presents Coaching the Canine Athlete seminars and regularly writes for dog magazines. She is a canine sports medicine consultant and a professor at Johns Hopkins University.
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