Effective Early Learning

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September 2000



In this book, the authors discuss criteria and methodologies for evaluating and improving the quality of learning, and show how to evaluate practice and create action plans for improvement. They present a variety of case studies, including: a family centre; LEA nursery unit; a workplace nursery, an LEA nursery class; an inner-city reception class in a primary school; private day nurseries; and a social services day nursery. Each example is accompanied by a set of questions which highlight important features of the research process and suggest ways in which early years practitioners can examine and reflect on their own practice.
This book draws on the experience of practitioners involved in the Effective Early Learning Research Project, developed to support early learning wherever young children are, whether in education, care, social services, health, voluntary sector, private sector, or state sector, from birth to 7 years.
This book is essential reading for all early years practitioners, students, inspectors and trainers.


Introduction - Christine Pascal and Tony Bertram
Case Study One - Jan Georgeson
An LEA Nursery School
Case Study Two - Tina Bruce et al
A Family Centre
Case Study Three - Janet Dye
A Private Day Nursery
Case Study Four - Fiona Ramsden
A Preschool Playgroup
Case Study Five - Maureen Saunders
A Social Services Day Nursery
Case Study Six - Janet Dye
A Nursery Class within a Primary School
Case Study Seven - Fiona Ramsden
A Private Day Nursery
Case Study Eight - Sarah Kelly
A Workplace Nursery
Case Study Nine - Tony Bertram
A Primary School Reception Class
Reflections and Emerging Issues - Christine Pascal and Tony Bertram
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