Predatory Game

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Having fast made a name for herself in the vampire romance realm, Feehan now turns her attention to other supernatural powers in this sensational offering. Saber Winter is runnung from her past when she meets Jess Calhoun, an ex-officer with the US forces elite Navy Seals division. Jees may be in a wheelchair, but he is also a GhostWalker and both of their pasts are about to collide in the present. This is a very fast paced action thriller/love story all wrapped up into one.


New York Times bestselling author Christine Feehan has received numerous honours including being a nominee for the Romance Writers of America RITA and receiving a Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times. For more about Christine Feehan visit


satisfying action adventure romance ... Love and danger are a winning combination in Feehan's latest (Booklist) The exciting and multifaceted world that impressive author Christine Feehan has created continues to improve with age (Romantic Times) Feehan has a knack for bringing vampiric Carpathians to vivid, virile life in her Dark Carpathian novels... (Publishers Weekly)
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Untertitel: 'Ghostwalker Novel'. Sprache: Englisch.
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