Women's Rights

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November 1995



"... an excellent, involving title which provides a great deal of documented research on the nature of and changes affecting women's rights in this country". -- The Bookwatch
The women's movement in America is not a recent phenomenon. In this clear and comprehensive reference work, the author chronicles the achievements and setbacks in the 200-year struggle for equality for women. Readers will discover the profound social impact the movement has had on American culture and society as they review a wide variety of topics and events. These range from women's efforts to keep the economy intact during the Revolutionary era to the present-day challenges of sex discrimination and work-related issues. Also featured are the biographies of women who have played key roles in the struggle for women's rights, as well as a fascinating chronology of the women's movement. The text is enhanced with photos and illustrations, and a glossary and detailed bibliography are also included. Women's Rights will give readers new insights into one of the most complicated issues of our time and will help them understand that equality is clearly an ongoing struggle.


?A concise overview of the issues and ideas that have influenced women's history in America from the earliest European settlements to the present.?-Reference & Research Book News
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