Between Bonn and Berlin: German Politics Adrift?

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August 1999



Examining Germany's image of political drift, the authors focus on current debates regarding the country's welfare state, European monetary policy, security policy, warnings about a supposed 'German hegemony', symbolic or geopolitical implications of the return to Berlin, and new complexities in party politics and public opinion.


Chapter 1 Introduction: Toward a Berlin Republic Part 2 Part I: Public Opinion and Political Parties Chapter 3 Where is Germany Heading? A Public Perspective, 1990-1998 Chapter 4 The CDU/CSU: Undercurrents in an Ebb Tide Chapter 5 The SPD: Between Political Drift and Direction Chapter 6 Alliance 90/The Greens: Party of Ecological and Social Reform Chapter 7 The FDP: Do the Liberals Still Matter? Chapter 8 The PDS: Between Socialism and Regionalism Chapter 9 The Right-Wing Scene: A Danger to Democracy? Part 10 Part II: Public Policy Quandaries Chapter 11 The German Economy: Shocks to the System Chapter 12 Welfare State Reform: The Gridlock of Social Entitlements Chapter 13 Germany and European Integration: Bonn Between Berlin and Brussels Chapter 14 German Security at the Crossroads Chapter 15 Less than Meets the Eye: A Reconsideration of German Hegemony Chapter 16 Bibliography Chapter 17 Chapter


Mary N. Hampton is associate professor of political science at the University of Utah. Christian Sse is professor of political science, California State University, Long Beach.


It is a suuperior example of the type, providing useful and insightful perspectives on current German politics. Recommended at all levels. CHOICE An impressive collection of thoughtful assessments of modern German politics by fourteen U.S. and German scholars. This well-edited and indexed collection uses the return of the German capital to Berlin from Bonn as a point of departure for examining continuity and change in both German domestic and foreign policies. This book is useful for all levels of scholars interested in German affairs and offers an excellent format for periodic updates and new editions. German Studies Review A timely and thoughtful book about the new Germany. Because Germany in many ways seems to be stuck and unable to reform itself, this set of excellent and provocative essays about major domestic and foreign policy issues should be read by all German policymakers. A first-class publication. -- Christian Hacke, Universitat der Bundeswehr, Hamburg
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