Sudan: A Nation in the Balance

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November 1996



This book, drawing on Oxfam's experience of working with groups affected on all sides of the civil war in Sudan, illustrates the tenacity and resourcefulness of ordinary people - and explains the background to one of the least-understood conflicts in modern Africa.


Where rivers meet; A land of diversity; A bird's eye view; Early history; The nation state defined; Four generations of conflict; What is the war about? The bread-basket of the Arab world? Of drought and development; Coping with change in the Red Sea hills; An equilibrium destroyed; The health of the nation; I want to learn; Living on the edge of the city; Making ends meet in the city; Making end meet in the countryside; Ayen Mawai goes fishing; Of vets and paravets; Co-ops - Kebkabiya style; A marginalized majority; A nation in the balance; Dates and event; Sudan - facts and figures; Oxfam in Sudan; Further reading; Acknowledgements.


Chris Peters is Independent International Affairs Professional, Oxford, United Kingdom


Country briefs are usually full of useful statistics and not much else... This series is an exception. Its context is the issues that affect the poor, and, since the poor are the majority in developing countries, the overviews it offers are particularly relevant. New Scientist. Possibly the most valuable contribution made by Oxfam's flourishing Country Profiles series is to remind us of the diversities too often obscured by generalisation ... These Country Profiles would add flesh and blood to the austerities of development studies at A-level and beyond. Michael Storm, TES.
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