How to Survive Anything, Anywhere: A Handbook of Survival Skills for Every Scenario and Environment

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September 2004



Each tactic is presented in easy-to-follow steps, accompanied by helpful illustrations that teach readers how to:
- Find and construct shelters
- Sustain life anywhere on land or at sea
- Hunt, trap, and fish with jerry-rigged tools
- Build fires or escape them
- Negotiate arctic, desert, jungle, or mountain terrain
- Avoid or fend off a wild animal attack
- Locate underground water
- Navigate a trackless wilderness
- And think like a true survivor--even when things are at their worst
The book also offers a complete section on urban survival strategies, including staying safe on public transportation, what to do in terrorist attacks, and how to engage in unarmed combat.


Dr. Chris McNab has written and edited numerous books on survival training and skills, and his research and contacts have allowed him to pool the expertise of dozens of military and wilderness survival experts on both sides of the Atlantic. He has also written widely on special forces, military history, and martial arts. He lives in Wales, and regularly trains in Wales' inhospitable Brecon Beacons mountain range, part of which is used by the British SAS for survival training. For two years he was the health and safety officer for a university sports program, providing guidance to athletes on injury prevention and rehabilitation. In addition to those listed below, his survival manuals include Endurance Techniques (SAS Training Manual); Elite Forces Survival Guides; How to Pass the SAS Selection Course; Martial Arts for Special Forces; and Urban Survival.

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