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Part I Understanding Arthritis;
1. What is Arthritis?;
2. Arthritis - The Statistics;
3. Types of Arthritis;
4. Related and Secondary Medical Conditions;
5. What Causes Arthritis?;
6. Diagnosing Arthritis;
7. Aggravating Factors;
8. Top Arthritis Myths;
Part II Living with Arthritis;
9. The Physical, Emotional and Psychological Impacts of Arthritis;
10. Acceptance Issues;
11. How Relationships Are Affected;
12. Work Issues;
13. Mobility and Disability Issues Benefits and Allowances;
14. Image Issues;
15. Parenting a Child with Arthritis;
16. Support for Arthritis Sufferers;
Part III Treating and Managing Arthritis;
17. Pain Management;
18. Medications and Contraindications;
19. Non-Pharmaceutical Treatments
20. The Role of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy;
21. Diet and Lifestyle;
22. Caring for Your Joints;
23. How to Control Stress;
Part IV Understanding Medico-Legal Implications;
24. Personal Injury Claims and Arthritis;
25. Medico-Legal Experts and Personal Injury Solicitors; Conclusion; Index.


Dr Chris Jenner has studied for many years in the field of pain medicine and works with arthritis sufferers and other chronic pain conditions in his role as consultant in Pain Medicine and Anaesthesia at St Mary's Hospital, London, and as Director of the London Pain Clinic.


"Written by one of the UK's leading consultants on pain control, this authoritative, yet easily comprehensible book, delivers a high level of understanding and practical advice to the reader. Highly recommended."
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