Men and Masculinities: Theory, Research and Social Practice

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Januar 2003



"a sharp and impressive book, providing an excellent advanced introductory text to the field. The book combines an impressive range of contextual and theoretical analysis, suggests new directions for research and provides a critically self-aware analysis of methodological issues." Sociology* Are all men the same?
* What do men want?
* What makes a 'real man'?

During the past decade, questions such as these have been raised across social and cultural arenas in local and global contexts. In response, this lively and engaging book adopts an international perspective and meets the current need for a comprehensive introduction to contemporary debates about men and masculinity.

Through a broad critical review of masculinity studies, the book provides an original synthesis of main theories, key concepts and empirical research. Designed to provide an up-to-date guide to the field, it combines the traditional sociological enquiry into the family, work and education with contemporary concerns about multiple identities, globalization and late modernity.

Written in a clear and engaging style, this text is essential reading for those studying men and masculinities across sociology, gender/sexuality studies, cultural studies, and politics, as well as anyone with a wider interest in the future of gender relations.


Part one: Social practices and cultural arenas: institutional sites
Working men's way? exploring masculinity at work
Men in the family way
remaking fatherhood
Troubling school boys
making young masculinities
Part two: Mapping, researching and practising masculinities
A man of the world
emerging representations of global masculinities
Coming out as a man
methodologies of masculinities
Masculinity politics in late modernity


Chris Haywood and Mairtin Mac an Ghaill work in the Department of Education at the University of Newcastle. Chris Haywood works in the areas of sexuality, gender and age relations. Mairtin Mac an Ghaill is interested in the sociology of racism and the cultural formation of gender/sexual identities. They have written widely in the field of masculinity, including the edited collection Understanding Masculinities.
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