Southern Exposure

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März 2003



In this epic tale of sea kayaking adventure, award-winning author Duff placesreaders in the cockpit of his 18-foot kayak and lets them experience the fullpower and beauty of the Southern Ocean and the wild energy of the Tasman Sea.16-page photo insert. 10 maps.


Foreword Acknowledgments Introduction Prologue
(1) Giving Wings to Dreams (2) Solitude and Gales (3) Sharing the Dream (4) Southern Gales, Kiwi Connections (5) Praying for Summer (6) Expedition Momentum (7) Good as Gold Meri (8) Paddling the Edge, Pushing West (9) Storm Force Winds and the Refuge of Friends (10) Fiordland Fury (11) Gifts from the Sea (12) Shattered Fiberglass and Broken Dreams (13) Rescue and Repairs (14) Rebuilding the Boat and the Dream (15) Tasman Trials (16) Living on the Edge (17) Transitions and Calm Winds (18) Safe Haven and Calm Waters Epilogue


Chris Duff has traveled more than 15,000 miles by sea kayak and was the first person ever to solo circumnavigate England, Wales, and Scotland. He is the author of On Celtic Tides (St. Martin's Press, 1999) and has contributed articles to Sea Kayaker magazine and the anthology Seekers of the Horizon (Globe Pequot, 1989). He lives in Port Angeles, Washington.
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Untertitel: A Solo Sea Kayaking Journey Around New Zealand's South Island. 16pp colour illustrations, 10 b&w maps. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Rowman & Littlefield
Erscheinungsdatum: März 2003
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