Best of the Best: An Anthology and Astrological Primer

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März 2003



Interested in astrology but confused where to start?
Intimidated by the volumes available?
Curious if you are truly compatible with that someone special or concerned about what job best suits your talents?

Best of the Best teaches you how to make and read a horoscope with easy-to-follow instructions. It gives a basic introduction to:

Sun signs



Love and relationships
Best of the Best contains all the tables needed to construct a natal chart including ascendants and daylight savings time. Culled from the best contemporary works and combined with the ancient wisdom of teachers like Ptolemy, Best of the Best is a complete astrological primer that touches on a wide array of meanings from the mundane to the esoteric. It is presented in a basic and easy to read format.

"Astrology answers the 'whys' and gives a clue as to what we are doing here and now. For many of us, it is a way to erase the hard core of doubt we have inside and to understand how we got to this point in time." Cheryl Parsell
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