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Nestled in a high-desert valley in northeastern California, bordered by both lush evergreen forests and arid sagebrush, Susanville is a community of independent spirits. First a rugged trading post for Nobleas Train wagon trains, in 1854, pioneer Isaac Roop wrought the first permanent settlement by allotting a large piece of his land for the city, which eventually would be named for his daughter Susan. Early settlers worked the surrounding ranches, farms, and mines, and the community began to thrive. Businesses sprang up, including general stores, saloons, stables, and hotels. Soon the hallmarks of domestic society, churches and schools, were established as well. At the beginning of the 20th century, a better water system was installed and a high school was built. As life adjusted to the advent of electricity, the telephone, and a new railroad, Susanville prospered, with the lumber industry at its core. Though the old millas 5: 00 whistle has since fallen silent, the city continues to welcome visitors with its stunning natural surroundings, charming historic downtown, and friendly people.

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