Active and Passive Movement Testing

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Learn active and passive movement testing from the most comprehensive resource available on the subject:
* Highly visual lab manual style presentation with 440 illustrations
* Follows the Guide to Physical Therapy Practice
* Complete discussion of most active and passive movement testing procedures for all areas of the body
* Covers the loose-pack position (LPP) for all necessary movement assessments
* Includes evaluation techniques for the extremities, the spine, pelvis, and temporomandibular joint
* Text details the principles of mobilization for treatment intervention, based on physiologic and accessory movements


Chapter 1 Principles of Mobilization for Examination

Chapter 2 Neurodynamic Principles of Mobilization for Examination

Chapter 3 Examination Techniques

Chapter 4 Principles of Mobilization for Intervention

Chapter 5 Neurodynamic Principles of Mobilization for Treatment Intervention

Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4


"This book could be useful for instruction of professional physical therapist students, and physical therapists assistant as well as beginning physical therapist practitioners..." Physical Therapy 20030501 "This book offers the reader an introductory resource on joint mobilization techniques and replicates the work of previous authors. The exclusion of other portions of the clinical examination process make this book more suitable for a class specific to manual therapy techniques or as a supplemental text to a comprehensive clinical exam text that includes postural assessment, gait analysis, patient history techniques etc. I see it as a general reference for the orthopedic physical therapist." Doody's 20020909
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