2,001 Innovative Ways to Save Your Company Thousands by Reducing Costs

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September 2006



This is not a theory book; there is practical advice on thousands of innovative ways to cut costs in every area of your business. Not only is the idea presented, but the pertinent information is provided, such as contact information and Web sites for companies, products, or services recommended. Easy to read and understand, this step-by-step guide will take the mystery out of how to reduce costs in critical areas, including office, operations, labor, cost of goods sold, advertising, marketing, human resources, insurance, benefits, compensation, training, software, mailing, shipping and receiving, rent, interest and debt, utilities, and more.


Workforce Size Issues; Employee Benefits Issues; Training and Meetings Issues; Human Resources and Employee Relations Issues; Productivity Issues; Production Costs; Advertising and Marketing; Sales; Shipping, Receiving and Mailing; Accounting; Purchasing, Vendors and Suppliers; Tech Department and Research and Development (R Travel and Entertainment; Customer Services; Home Office Environments; Manufacturing Facilities; Restaurants and Food Service; Retail Businesses; Health Care Environments; Educational Environments; Growth; Rents and Building Costs; Utilities and Water; Theft ... All Around You; Lawyers and Litigation; Outsourcing; Getting Help From Unexpected Places; Health Hits and Health Checks.
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Untertitel: A Complete Guide to Creative Cost Cutting and Profit Boosting. b/w photos. Sprache: Englisch.
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