Growing Your Family Tree

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September 2011



The process of exploring your family history and roots is a moving and meaningful quest. It affects heart and soul, as well as providing an intellectual challenge to piece all the information together. GROWING YOUR FAMILY TREE is the first book to combine the experiential aspects of family history research with sound, practical advice, helping to lift genealogy out of its earlier dry and formal setting, into a more meaningful and accessible activity which can enrich a person's identity. Advice and information includes: Clear and friendly guidance on finding the data and sources needed and the practicalities of setting up a family history project How to identify the emotional motivations behind your research The nature of ancestry, family lines and our inner connection with our ancestors How to organise your research and keep moving forward


Cherry Gilchrist is an award-winning writer and author of nearly thirty books on personal development, relationships, mythology and culture. She is a Life Story tutor and consultant, currently running courses online, and teaching classes for cruise ships and summer schools.


A refreshingly different beginners' guide Your Family Tree
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