Air War Over Europe: 1939-1945

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April 2003



While World War One saw the first aerial combat in the history of mankind, the Second World War saw the clash of mighty air forces on a scale that would have seemed impossible twenty years before. Chaz Bowyer, arguably the most authouritative air historian of his generation, tackles the broad sweep of air operations in the European theater in this book. Initially the Luftwaffe attempted to dominate the skies, and very nearly succeeded. The valiant defense of the UK by the RAF in the Battle of Britain ranks among the greatest feats of arms in British history. Both sides then embarked on major bombing campaigns which caused terrible devastation and human suffering and which remain controversial to this day. Then came the involvement of the US Air Force with its daylight raids over an increasingly defenseless Germany. The development of aircraft types and the descriptions of the actions that they and their pilots and crew fought make for great reading when told by a master of his craft like Chaz Bowyer.


After 26 years in the RAF Chaz Bowyer became a full time professional aviation historian. He has published over 40 books and written countless articles. He has also edited various journals. His History of the RAF book sold over 100,000 copies. Other books of his under the Leo Cooper imprint include Fighter Pilot of the RAF 1939-1945, Bomber Barons and Royal Air Force 1939-1945. He lives near Norwich in active retirement.
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