Genes, Aging and Immortality

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August 2005



This booklet answers questions about the mysteries of aging and the search for immortality. It describes some of the current progress in the scientific study of aging and explores social and ethical questions surrounding the real possibility of human lifespan extension.


Introduction QUESTIONS ABOUT THE BIOLOGY OF AGING What is aging? Measuring Aging, Lifespan and Life Expectancy Aging has become a significant feature of human life only in recent history What happens to our bodies and cells as we age? Our Aging Bodies Diseases associated with aging Biomarkers of aging What does it mean to die of old age? Why do we age and die? What is the purpose? How do we age and die? Cell death Cellular senescence hypotheses Wear and Tear Hypotheses The Oxidative Stress (Free Radical) Hypothesis Do genes control aging and death? QUESTIONS ABOUT THE SEARCH FOR IMMORTALITY Do all organisms age? Are any organisms immortal? Could humans become immortal? Is there an upper limit to the human lifespan? If not immortal, can we extend our lifespans significantly? Do diets, supplements and lifestyles affect human lifespan? What is the future for antiaging research? What's the best way to live to 120? QUESTIONS ABOUT AGING AND SOCIETY What are the social, economic and political implications of extending the human lifespan? What are the ethics of extending human lifespan? How do cultures differ in their attitudes towards aging and the aged? Are there advantages to aging? REFERENCES and RESOURCES
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