Uncle Tom Andy Bill: A Story of Bears and Indian Treasure

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..". vintage early-twentieth-century romantic literature." --Indiana Magazine of History
Originally published in 1908, UncleTom Andy Bill relates the boisterous boyhood adventures of the narrator, ThomasAndrew William Addison. By the author of The Bears of Blue River.


I. By the Fireside II. The Wolves and the Powder Keg III. Wyandotte, the Indian IV. A Bear Fight in a Snowdrift V. Lost in the Woods VI. The Story of Blue Violet VII. The Flood and the Mother Bear VIII. Lost in the Cave IX. The Robbers in the Swamp X. A Christmas Dinner in the Woods XI. Wyandotte Once More XII. Search for the Treasure


CHARLES MAJOR was born in Indianapolis in 1856. He became a lawyer and remained in Indiana but also became a major turn-of-the-century literary figure. The author of numerous books, he is best known for When Knighthood Was in Flower and The Bears of Blue River.
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