Fifth Generation Management: Dynamic Teaming, Virtual Enterprising and Knowledge Networking

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April 1996



This revised edition of Fifth Generation Management helps executives out of the rigid mindsets of the Industrial Era into the vibrant and invigorating possibilities of co-creation in the Knowledge Era. Divided into two parts, the first completely rewritten section narrates 'Five Days that Change the Enterprise, ' a case study of senior executives who are forced out of their cozy little empires into a new network organization of their own design. The second part discusses the process of co-creating through virtual enterprising, dynamic teaming, and knowledge networking. Included is essential new information on fractal enterprises, holonic management systems, agile enterprises, and hypertext organizations.


Preface by Tom Peters; Preface to Revised Edition; Preface (Original); PART 1: Customer Empowerment: Reinventing our Enterprises in Six Months; January: bosses or customers?; February: routines or capabilities; March: individuals or teams?; April: being seen or seeing: May: power or energy?; June: reflection on reinvention?; PART 2: Dynamic Teaming, Virtual Enterprising and Knowledge Networking; Introduction: our past and future; Five generations of computers and management; Computerizing enterprises; Steep hierarchies: our burden; Elegantly simple enterprises; Leading knowledge networking; Lean, agile, robust and spirited enterprising; Afterword: Daniel Burris; Chapter Notes; References; Index.
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