Operating, Testing, and Preventive Maintenance of Electrical Power Apparatus

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For survey courses in Electric Machines and Circuits in departments of engineering and engineering technology, and a recommended reference by the U.S. Coast Guard for personnel preparing for Marine Engineering License Exams. This comprehensive text gives students a strong foundation for an understanding of the behavior, operation, and testing of electric power apparatus under normal, overload, and fault conditions. It provides up-to-date methods for preventative maintenance, presents logical methods by which the more common troubles may be identified and localized, and recommends emergency repairs that will keep the equipment in operation until it can be scheduled out of service. Also included are outlines of inspection programs that will help ensure safe, efficient, economical, and dependable operation.


1. Current, Voltage, Resistance, Insulation, and Conductors in Maintenance Applications. 2. DC Resistive Circuits and Circuit Faults. 3. Magnetic Fields and Magnetic Forces in Electric Power Systems. 4. Magnetic Circuit and Inductance in Electric Power Systems. 5. Capacitors, Their Applications, and Effects in Electric Power Systems. 6. Current, Voltage, and Impedance in Single-Phase Power Applications. 7. Resonance, Harmonics and Their Harmful Effects in Electric Power Systems. 8. Active, Reactive, and Apparent Power on the Single-Phase System. 9. Current Voltage and Power in the Three-Phase System. 10. Transformers in Power Applications: Principles, Operation, and Maintenance. 11. Three-Phase Induction Motors. 12. Synchronous Motors. 13. Operational Problems of Three-Phase Motors. 14. Synchronous Generators: Principles and Operational Problems. 15. Trouble-Shooting and Emergency Repair of Three-Phase Motors. 16. Single-Phase Induction Motors. 17. Direct Current Generators: Principles and Operational Problems. 18. Direct Current Motors: Principles and Operational Problems. 19. Commutator, Slip-Ring, and Brush Maintenance. 20. Trouble-Shooting and Emergency Repair of DC Machines. 21. Mechanical Maintenance of Rotating Apparatus. 22. Operation and Maintenance of Motor Controllers. 23. Classification, Characteristics, Aging, and Failure Mechanism of Electrical Insulation. 24. Insulation-Resistance, Its Measurement and Interpretation. 25. High Potential Maintenance-Testing of Electrical Insulation. 26. Cleaning, Drying, Storing, and Refurbishing Electric Machines and Transformers. 27. Operation and Maintenance of Battery Systems for Industrial, Marine, and Utility Operations. 28. Bonding, Grounding, Earthing, and Ground-Fault Protection of Distribution Systems. 29. Protection Against Sustained Overloads and Short Circuits. 30. Maintenance of Switchgear and Other Miscellaneous Electrical Apparatus MEA. 31. Cost-Benefit Relationship of Preventive Maintenance. 32. Scheduling, Conducting, and Evaluating a Preventive Maintenance Program. Appendices. Answers to All Problems. Index.
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