Automatic Wealth II

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November 2006



Automatic Wealth II: The Millionaire Maker - Including:The Master Key System,The Habit Of Saving,Steps To Success:Think Yourself Rich,I Dare You!

4 Bestsellers in 1 Book!

I Dare You! by William H. Danforth

Steps To Success:Think Yourself Rich by Dr. Joseph Murphy

The Habit Of Saving by Napoleon Hill

The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

I Dare You! by William H. Danforth

I agree that a businessman should stick to business. But a proven four-fold

program, plus a love for Youth, plus an inner urge-all dare me to write this

book. "I Dare You" is for the daring few who are headed somewhere. Those afraid

to Dare might as well pass it up. It will weary the lazy because it calls for

immediate action. It will bore the sophisticated, and amuse the skeptics. It

will antagonize others. Some will not even know what it is all about. It will

not be over-popular because it calls for courage, swift and daring. But in the

eyes of you, one of the priceless few, I trust will come a renewal of purpose

as you read on. You can be a bigger person than you are and I am going to prove

it to you. I am indebted beyond measure to Gordon M. Philpott, who has been of

inestimable help in the writing and editing of "I Dare You." His keen insight,

his rare judgment and his frank criticisms have helped make this book a labor

of love instead of a drab task. I honor him as a close associate in business,

but most of all I cherish him as an understanding friend.

Steps To Success: think yourself rich

It is your right to be rich, you know. You're here to lead the abundant life.

You are here to be happy, radiant and free. You should therefore have all the

wealth you need to live a full, happy and prosperous life, of course you

should. You are here to grow, expand and unfold spiritually, mentally, and

materially, and professionally. You have the inalienable right to fully

develop, to express yourself in all ends. You should surround yourself with

beauty and luxury. Why be satisfied with just enough to go around, when you can

enjoy the riches of your subconscious mind?

The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel

Charles F. Haanel was a successful business man who discovered that spiritual

life is a key to success in everything you do. He proved that what is happening

outside is in a direct relation to what is taking place in your consciousness.
When the Master Key was published, it was one of those books that successful

business men wanted out of the market. They didn't want people to read this

book as its truths would help anyone to overcome limitations.
He explains in very plain language how to create your own world according to

your own desires in accordance with your level of discipline in attaining your

The rumor is that when Bill Gates was just a student, he read this book and

utilized its truths. Rest is history.
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